Engineered Vehicle Packages

All TG vehicle packages are engineered for the highest safety, quality, and reliability. Only the best products are selected and installed by certified technicians. All packages are compliant with Massachusetts State Inspection Requirements for legal and trade-in support. Leasing or financing are available at your local dealership. All TG OFFROAD and EXTERIOR packages come standard with TG and manufacturer 3 year / 36K mile warranty and an original equipment manufacturer matching drive-line warranty.

Easy 5 Step Process


  1. Select Base OFFROAD Package:  Stage 1-TRAIL or Stage 2-CLIMB (suspension system height & tire size)
  2. Select Optional EXTERIOR Package (+ potential upgrade to Power Steps &  Winch addition)
  3. Select Optional TG UPFITTER CREDIT
  4. After Vehicle Delivery - TG Satisfaction Review
  5.  TG UPFITTER Installation
Toyota Tacoma