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Find exceptional lift kits for your truck or Jeep when you come to Truck Guys. Our specialists are dedicated to making sure you have access to high-end accessories for truck modifications that fit your needs. We take into account issues like use, vehicle condition, desired ride quality, and desired tire size to find the perfect kit for your ride. Furthermore, we offer excellent options at a price that will not break the bank.

When you visit our showroom in Weymouth, MA, to see our truck and Jeep accessories, you will be greeted by an expert who will be able to answer your questions. Our team has years of experience working with lift kits and are ready to share their knowledge with you. Give us a call at (781) 340-5599 to speak to a member of our staff today. We are confident that our team will be able to assist you with your vehicle.


The Truck Guys difference: Customers that choose to remain within MA state regulations will receive documentation listing pre and post lift ride height and that the lift, wheel & tire combination remains within the current legal limit. Truck Guys is not responsible for the interpretation of regulations by vehicle inspectors, or for any future changes in Massachusetts’ regulations that may affect vehicle compliance.This documentation is not a guarantee that your local inspector will pass your vehicle, but it supplements their outdated inspection manual. We have yet to have any issue with any documentation that we have supplied to customers.


  • Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles 540CMR 4.04 (13) establishes the base regulation: “four-wheel drive vehicles with the original gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less may be altered in accordance with the provisions of 540CMR 6.00”.
  • 540CMR 6.03 defines the use of options in the base calculations:Original Equipment: Any items of motor vehicle equipment, including tires, which were installed in or on a motor vehicle, or available by option for the particular vehicle from the original manufacturer at the time of its delivery to the first purchaser”.
  • 540CMR 6.05 defines the specific vehicle calculations: “(1) The maximum mechanical lift for four wheel drive motor vehicles shall be calculated by multiplying the wheel base times the wheel track, and dividing the product by a safety factor of 2200: i.e., 92”w/b x 58”w/t = 2” (maximum mechanical lift). The outside diameter of the largest tire size available from the original manufacturer as standard or optional equipment for the particular motor vehicle may also be increased up to an amount equal to maximum mechanical lift calculated”. (NOTE: vehicle height is altered by ½ of tire diameter increase for use in calculation.)
  • 540CMR 6.05 defines the total maximum lift: “2) The maximum combined mechanical and tire lift shall be no greater than the sum of the maximum mechanical lift and increased tire size calculated for the particular vehicle”.
  • 540CMR 6.06 defines the tolerance: “(1) Due to slight variations in production tolerances, violations must be in excess of one inch beyond the Registrar’s specifications of approved maximum altered heights”.
  • 540CMR 6.03 defines measuring requirements before and after alterations: “The distance shall be measured between the lowest edge of the centerline of the operator’s door”

Contact our showroom staff to discuss your search for the perfect truck or Jeep suspension lift kit. We proudly serve drivers throughout Weymouth, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas.

Determining the best Lift Kit

  • Intended Vehicle Use - Are you planning on off roading your vehicle? Dirt? Mud? Sand? Or maybe just snow from a typical New England winter?  Intended vehicle use has a major factor on suspension systems that are selected for customers
  • Current Vehicle Condition - Does your vehicle have over 50,000 miles? Or is it brand new off the lot? The current condition of the vehicle can determine what type of suspension systems are recommended for the vehicle.
  • Desired Ride Quality - Some vehicles have the ability to increase ride quality over factory ride.
  • Desired Tire size - Vehicles will require a certain lift requirement in order to properly clear a wheel and tire package
  • Budget - Truck Guys sales staff can build a kit based on any budget to satisfy customer's needs.


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