Spray-In vs. Drop-In Bed Liners for Trucks

Sprayed-In Bed LinersWhich bed liner do you think is better: sprayed-in bed liners or drop-in? We would like to add our thoughts to the debate.

Spray-In — This option offers full coverage to protect your truck, pretty much for the life of the vehicle. As the lining is sprayed onto the entire bed, water-tight coverage extends from one end to the other. Not only does this lining protect the bed from water and rust, but it also works to keep the equipment carried in the back of the truck in place. Moreover, this protective coating keeps its good looks as long as you have your vehicle.

Drop-In — This option has the advantage of price. It cost less to buy and install. You can pick up a liner at your favorite auto accessories store and install it yourself. This is a liner that serves its purpose as the tools, equipment, and household items you carry in the back of the truck have a heavy-duty layer of plastic to prevent scratching or denting. Another positive feature is the ability to slide items easily, allowing you to pack even more into the bed.

Consider what we’ve said before making a purchase. You can spend a few minutes chatting up the staff in our truck accessories store to get their opinions on this great debate.