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Why Sprayed-In Liners are Good for Your Truck

Sprayed-In Bed LinersYour truck goes through a lot when you drive. Dirt, dust, debris, and bad weather all put you at risk of damage. The biggest point of vulnerability is your truck bed. It’s an exposed surface where all the roughness of the road can quickly take a toll. That’s why sprayed-in bed liners make such a big difference for today’s drivers.

Lining truck beds is nothing new. Traditionally, the ergonomic solution is a drop-in product that comes pre-formed for your vehicle’s make and model. These still work great for quick and affordable protection, but they aren’t the latest technology on the market.

What makes sprayed-in bed liners special is the fact that they offer total coverage that is perfectly molded to your truck. No small imperfections or gaps remain to cause problems when you work with a professional installer. This is especially important to protect against water, which seeps through even the smallest openings and causes rust issues.

Of course, it is vital to pick the best option for your needs and budget. Look for automotive outfitters that offer both to make sure you get sound advice and a practical solution that matches your lifestyle and delivers confidence during every drive.

Spray-In vs. Drop-In Bed Liners for Trucks

Sprayed-In Bed LinersWhich bed liner do you think is better: sprayed-in bed liners or drop-in? We would like to add our thoughts to the debate.

Spray-In — This option offers full coverage to protect your truck, pretty much for the life of the vehicle. As the lining is sprayed onto the entire bed, water-tight coverage extends from one end to the other. Not only does this lining protect the bed from water and rust, but it also works to keep the equipment carried in the back of the truck in place. Moreover, this protective coating keeps its good looks as long as you have your vehicle.

Drop-In — This option has the advantage of price. It cost less to buy and install. You can pick up a liner at your favorite auto accessories store and install it yourself. This is a liner that serves its purpose as the tools, equipment, and household items you carry in the back of the truck have a heavy-duty layer of plastic to prevent scratching or denting. Another positive feature is the ability to slide items easily, allowing you to pack even more into the bed.

Consider what we’ve said before making a purchase. You can spend a few minutes chatting up the staff in our truck accessories store to get their opinions on this great debate.

The History of Truck Bed Liners

Sprayed-In Bed LinersSince the advent of the pick-up truck in the early 1950s, people have looked for ways to protect their truck beds. Designed as a versatile option for the average driver to haul a wide range of items, these vehicles made it easy to accomplish projects of many sizes. To protect their beds from dents and scratches, owners and manufacturing companies have devised three primary solutions:

  • Simple Starts – With the very first Ford trucks came the most basic shielding solutions. Sheets of wood installed in the beds provided necessary protection that was relatively easy to create. Still used for classic style and restoration, these early proto-liners were the first concerted attempt at preserving truck beds.
  • Drop-In Liners – As technology advanced through the next few decades, manufacturers and inventors stepped in to add a more advanced option. Using thermoforming, a technique for shaping plastic, Robert J. Zeffero created one of the earliest cargo box liners in 1976. Later corporations eventually replicated the design, and it’s still used today.
  • Sprayed-In Bed Liners – Arma International first introduced the contemporary standard for maximum truck bed protection in 1991. Made from sprayed materials like polyurethane, sprayed-in bed liners offer superior safety, but require a complicated installation process that can be difficult to do correctly without professional equipment. Still, it remains one of the best choices for today’s truck beds.

How Sprayed-in Bed Liners Work

Sprayed-in Bed LinersEvery truck deserves a bed liner that will protect it from the wear and tear of the elements and regular use. Now, you can find just what you need at the Truck Guys showroom when you stop by for our sprayed-in bed liners. An alternative to their traditional brethren, these bed liners offer some of the best protection available for your truck bed today. Trust our certified team to accurately prepare and properly install your new liner for you.

To properly install sprayed-in bed liners, our specialists must first create the best environment for material adhesion. The bed must be washed using soap that’s free of wax or protectants and thoroughly dried. Afterward, it should be scuffed with sandpaper to ensure the truck bed has a good surface for the spray to adhere to.

Once the truck bed has been wiped clean of sanding debris and dust and the areas you don’t want to be sprayed are masked off, it’s ready to be coated. We spray a 60/40 polyurea/polyurethane high-pressure mix on our truck beds with an average of 4.5 or more gallons being used in each job. While preparing the truck bed takes a fair amount of time, the rewards of gaining a top-notch coating make the extra work well worth it.

Sprayed-in Bed Liners for Your Truck

Sprayed-in Bed LinersImproving your truck bed is simple when you work with the team at Truck Guys. We are proud to provide you with a wide array of truck bed liners, including sprayed-in options. Whether you are upgrading your new truck or want to revitalize your older ride, our team is prepared to assist you.

When you are seeking the best form of protection for your truck bed, you can rest assured that sprayed-in liners are the way to go. These watertight liners ensure that no debris or liquid will damage your bed. When you come to our business for this service, our team will make sure that your truck is properly prepared before the liner is sprayed into your bed. Our specialists do a 60/40 polyurea/polyurethane mix that is sure to last for years.

It does not matter if you are interested in sprayed-in bed liners or any other parts for truck modifications, you can rest assured the team at Truck Guys will be able to assist you with your needs. We have years of experience doing vehicle modification and are prepared to help you with your vehicle. Visit our location in Weymouth, MA, for more information about our products and services.