Step One: Base Package Selection

Step 2: Exterior Package Selection

Step 3: tg upfitter credit

The customer has the unique ability to identify within a huge range of product categories other highly desired vehicle accessories and services not included in the OFFROAD or EXTERIOR packages. The supporting dealer can incorporate this budget into the lease or purchase for ease of convenience and financing. Final detailed product and services selection and scheduling will take place at the TG SATISFACTION REVIEW appointment.  All services and product warranty are supported by Truck Guys and selected manufacturers.  Financing should be targeted at the minimum budget as all approved funds must be expended at Truck Guys.

Step 4: TG satisfaction review


All OFFROAD packages require a 1,000 mile break-in period, after which TRUCK GUYS will perform a full CUSTOMER SATISFACTION REVIEW. The end customer is requested to schedule a one hour targeted appointment at Truck Guys at their convenience.  This appointment incorporates a required vehicle suspension inspection and fastener torque verification, and will authorize the OE matching driveline warranty.  This review begins with a phone based customer satisfaction survey to identify the performance of the vehicle suspension and all accessories during the break-in period and any corrective action to be resolved during the physical review.   During the review the customer will participate in registration of the driveline warranty and may select and schedule any UPFITTER PACKAGE items and services purchases.

Step 5: TG Upfitter Installation


TRUCK GUYS will coordinate with the end customer the selection, scheduling and installation of all accessory categories selected in the UPFITTER CREDIT at the vehicle sale. TRUCK GUYS will provide appropriate documentation to the dealer to support the financing requirements. The customer must spend the complete financed amount. The customer is responsible for payment for all product, services and taxes that exceed the financed amount.