Using a Snow Plow in Your Neighborhood

Snow PlowWinter is still in high gear in the area. There is a good chance that your neighborhood has seen its fair share of snow. As it piles up, it may be necessary to break out your snow plow and get to clearing it up. Here are a few things to remember before setting up your plow.

First, it’s important to brush up on state and local laws related to snow removal. The state of Massachusetts has sets of regulations covering snow removal. On top of that, individual towns and townships can impose certain directions or restrictions, too. Take note of your responsibilities as a plow operator and act accordingly.

Plowing snow in your neighborhood is often seen as a gesture of goodwill. However, snow removal can easily delve into the area of property rights. Moving snow from the road is one thing, but taking care of where the displaced snow falls is another. Before operating your snow plow, be sure you have permission from everyone in your neighborhood to work around their properties–including any plans should accidents or property damage occur.

Snow removal is a tough job, but it is necessary in order to keep neighborhoods safe and operational. Be sure to get in touch with your neighbors, the homeowners association, or your landlord to ensure everyone is informed of how snow removal is handled in your community.