How Upgrading Your Truck Increases Value

Truck LightingA good truck can last more than a lifetime, and it’s easy to think that the best thing you can do with a ride you love is to maintain it just the way you bought it. Though nostalgia has its value, you might discover that there’s even more in letting your truck find a brighter future with upgrades like new truck lighting. Regular improvements to your vehicle allow it to better meet your needs while also increasing its financial value.

How does that work? The first reason is fairly straightforward. If you ever sell your truck, every added feature is another selling point. A potential buyer is likely to offer more for a vehicle with newer conveniences, as is any dealership you trade with.

It’s not all about utility, though. Many newer parts are simply valued higher because the components themselves are worth more. This matters when it comes to appraisals and other assessments of worth. It lets you command a higher price point with concrete value that comes from a tangible, objective source.

Finally, upgrades come with a certain amount of practical value, even if you never sell or trade in your truck. They allow you to tailor your driving experience and enjoy a better ride everywhere you go. Whether it’s the added safety of brighter headlights or the increased height of a quality lift kit, you can make the most of your truck with the right choice in modifications.

Updating Your Truck Lighting as a Safety Upgrade

Truck LightingSafety is first and foremost when it comes to your truck. An essential factor to consider when protecting your person and property is truck lighting. Not only does proper lighting allow you to see the road, signs, and obstacles, but it also allows others to see you. Explore the possibilities in a parts and accessories showroom, so you can see the lights and assembly, as well as talk to an expert about your options.

LED lights are an ideal solution when you need to increase your visibility. Highly efficient LED lights turn out twice as much light, no matter where they are on your truck. Light upgrades are especially important when you use your vehicle for recreation, such as off-roading. Whether you’re cruising over sandy beaches or taking a forest trail after hours, unlit locations can be dangerous, but much safer with the right lights.

Another safety consideration is back-up lights. How often have you had trouble seeing behind the truck in the dark? With a good backup light kit and a capable technician, you have safety covered. Other lighting options to think about for safety include running lights, truck bed lights, and tailgate lights bars.

Improve safety for yourself and others with selections from Truck Guys. From headlights to tailgate light bars to backup lights, we offer customers plenty of options.

What Makes Drop-in Bed Liners a Good Investment?

Drop-in Bed LinersYou just bought a brand-new truck or one that’s new to you. How do you keep your new vehicle in great shape considering all the stuff you plan to haul in the back? We recommend a bed liner. One style that gives you a good return on your money is drop-in bed liners.

A quality bed liner is essential to protecting your truck. Without it, those ATVs, furniture, and tools you’re hauling are sure to take a great toll on the bed’s paint job – not to mention, scratches, dents, and spills. A well-fitting drop-in bed liner is the answer. It provides protection in an affordable way. The fit is essential because otherwise, the liner can slip and slide, as well as the items in the back of your truck.

In your drop-in bed liner, look for skid resistance as this keeps items from sliding around and doing damage. Also, choose a material that resists damage from liquids, such as gas and oil. Such features add value and save you money and truck bed damage.

It’s best to go into a store that specializes in this product. This way, you can look at the options and prices and talk to a professional who can answer your questions and make sound recommendations.

Benefits of Emergency Lighting

Emergency LightingWhen you are traveling on the road at night, it’s imperative that you have the right tools in place to keep your passengers and other drivers safe. Though first responders typically use emergency lighting, we’re prepared to give you strobe light selections that are sure to serve your tow truck, construction vehicle, snow plow, or volunteer personal vehicle well. Visit Truck Guys to find high-performance emergency lighting. We will help you find the right choice for your needs.

While most construction crews have stand-alone tools that are used to light up their work area, they also find it beneficial to use built-in lights on their on-site trucks. With the right emergency lighting, you will be able to move the vehicle to light up any area on-site quickly. Beyond the added benefit for construction workers, using high-performance emergency lights will increase your vehicle’s visibility on the road.

Whether you’re looking to give your rig a personal touch of style or you’re modifying your truck for safety, we’ve got lighting configuration fit for you. Best of all, our lighting options are designed with your safety in mind. Meet with our specialists to receive more information regarding our auxiliary lighting, aftermarket assemblies, LED upgrades, and off-road lighting options.

How Sprayed-in Bed Liners Work

Sprayed-in Bed LinersEvery truck deserves a bed liner that will protect it from the wear and tear of the elements and regular use. Now, you can find just what you need at the Truck Guys showroom when you stop by for our sprayed-in bed liners. An alternative to their traditional brethren, these bed liners offer some of the best protection available for your truck bed today. Trust our certified team to accurately prepare and properly install your new liner for you.

To properly install sprayed-in bed liners, our specialists must first create the best environment for material adhesion. The bed must be washed using soap that’s free of wax or protectants and thoroughly dried. Afterward, it should be scuffed with sandpaper to ensure the truck bed has a good surface for the spray to adhere to.

Once the truck bed has been wiped clean of sanding debris and dust and the areas you don’t want to be sprayed are masked off, it’s ready to be coated. We spray a 60/40 polyurea/polyurethane high-pressure mix on our truck beds with an average of 4.5 or more gallons being used in each job. While preparing the truck bed takes a fair amount of time, the rewards of gaining a top-notch coating make the extra work well worth it.

New Lift Kits for Your Vehicle

Lift KitsNew lift kits are available from Truck Guys for your truck or Jeep. Our business has years of experience working with these kits. You can come to our showroom today. A member of our team will help you find a quality kit for your needs.

When you come to us, we will help you choose the right truck or Jeep lift kits for your vehicle. Our team will discuss a variety of issues before you even select a kit, such as the use of the vehicle, the desired ride quality, the budget, and the current vehicle condition. With all of this info on hand, we will be able to direct you to the right selections for your needs. We know that many questions may come up regarding legality. You can rest assured that our business will provide you with documentation regarding legal height limits. It is important to note that we are not responsible for the interpretation of the law by local inspectors.

Update your vehicle with accessories for truck modifications from Truck Guys. Our business is your source for lift kits, as well as bed liners, covers, and new lighting. We feature a 10-bay installation facility where we can install the items you purchase from our business.

New Lighting for Your Truck

Truck LightingBack up with confidence when you invest in new truck lighting from Truck Guys. As your source for quality truck modification accessories, you can rest assured that our team will be able to provide you with great lights for backing up that are ideal for your needs.

We know that backing up in a large truck can be complicated for some drivers. Many of us feel like there is not enough light from the rear backup lights. It can be even harder when you have a trailer hooked up to your truck. Our business can hook you up with a new set of lights that make backing up a piece of cake. These lights come with a three-way switch that will make the lights come on automatically as you put your vehicle in reverse. You can also use this switch to override them from turning on and off. Furthermore, the light kits come in surface and flush mount options with diffused light patterns that help aim the light in an optimal direction.

Would you like to learn more about our truck lighting options? Visit our showroom in Weymouth, MA, to see what selections we have for you. Our business also offers great sprayed-in bed liners, tonneau covers, lift kits, and seasonal selections.

Sprayed-in Bed Liners for Your Truck

Sprayed-in Bed LinersImproving your truck bed is simple when you work with the team at Truck Guys. We are proud to provide you with a wide array of truck bed liners, including sprayed-in options. Whether you are upgrading your new truck or want to revitalize your older ride, our team is prepared to assist you.

When you are seeking the best form of protection for your truck bed, you can rest assured that sprayed-in liners are the way to go. These watertight liners ensure that no debris or liquid will damage your bed. When you come to our business for this service, our team will make sure that your truck is properly prepared before the liner is sprayed into your bed. Our specialists do a 60/40 polyurea/polyurethane mix that is sure to last for years.

It does not matter if you are interested in sprayed-in bed liners or any other parts for truck modifications, you can rest assured the team at Truck Guys will be able to assist you with your needs. We have years of experience doing vehicle modification and are prepared to help you with your vehicle. Visit our location in Weymouth, MA, for more information about our products and services.

Great Deals on Truck Modification Parts

Truck ModificationsShopping for quality selections for truck modifications starts with a visit to Truck Guys. When you purchase parts with us, you can rest assured that you are receiving high-end options for a price that will not break the bank.

Our business is an authorized seller of many vehicle accessories, including truck bed liners, bed covers, and specialty lighting. When you shop with us, you will be able to purchase selections at a price that is comparable to the prices you find from Internet sellers. Authorized sellers are required to sell these selections at a minimum advertised price. If they sell it for a price that is below the minimum amount, then it is likely that you are shopping with a seller that is not authorized by the makers.

You can rest assured that you have access to authorized selections at a price that you can afford when you shop with Truck Guys. Our business is proud to serve people all over Weymouth, MA, including Boston and the South Shores. If you have any questions about the products we sell, you can call us at (781) 340-5599 or visit our showroom. We are always happy to help you find the right selections for your vehicle.

Finding the Right Truck Accessories

Truck ModificationsDiscover the right parts for your truck when you shop with Truck Guys. Our business is one of the top providers of truck accessories in the area. Whether you are an experienced driver or new to the world of truck modifications, you can trust our specialists to assist you.

The main reason people like shopping with our business is we have a furnished showroom. This means you can take a look at the many items we have for sale before you even purchase it! How often can you do that online? Each product on display is accompanied by information that will let you know about essential features. For your convenience, we will also provide you with product and installation pricing information.

Do you have a question about the products you are looking at? If so, feel free to ask one of the many experts we have on staff. Our team is passionate about trucks, and it shows every time you ask us questions about the products we sell. All of our customer service managers receive multiple auto industry certifications to guarantee that they can help you.

Shop for parts and make truck modifications today with help from the team at Truck Guys. Our business is proud to serve drivers in Weymouth, MA, as well as the surrounding Boston and South Shores areas.