Our story

TRUCK GUYS was started by great friends Mike and John, we were the “original truck guys”, two very hands-on operations and engineering managers specializing in building world-class midsized manufacturing companies.  As automotive zealots, we shared an incredible frustration with repeated poor retail experiences. We knew fellow auto enthusiasts deserved better! Even though we had extensive electro-mechanical and management competency we had no marketing experience, (demonstrated by the fact that after 17 years this is Truck Guys’ first real website).  We believed and hoped that “If you build it, they will come!” Blindly motivated by our lifelong automotive passion we were confident that we could both live our automotive dreams and REALLY change the landscape by applying proven formal Lean ISO9001 Quality Management Systems to automotive retail.

Years later we are now frequently mistaken for a big chain, but we are very very proud to be a small American family business.  We have no desire for multiple retail locations, run by uninspired staff, providing narrow mediocre services to the masses. Our unapologetic enthusiasm and obsessive focus on quality is spread over the industry’s most complex offering of automotive products and installations.  This requires teamwork, standards, and controls not easily accomplished; that cannot be replicated in multiple corporate stores. Some ex-want-to-be team members have even publicly complained that we “are way-way too picky”, “expect the impossible from employees” and “constantly kiss the customer’s a**”.   Alas, all are true. We have an exemplary team that is our honor to work with, while having more fun than should be legal. We are far from perfect, but we refuse to compromise. If you cannot match our team’s intensity for the highest quality work possible, this may be the last place you want to work. For our customers, it is absolutely the ONLY place to take your ride.

Thankfully there exists “word of mouth”.  Despite our marketing shortcomings, we are now in our 18th year, the largest local business of our kind, and recently expanded to 10 installation bays.  Our “team of truck guys and gals” has grown to over a dozen professionals and HAS changed the landscape while setting a new standard for our industry.  We ARE living the dream.

A very sincere THANK YOU to all our customers! (who have fortunately spread the word).  We are humbled by your loyalty. We continue to eagerly accept your challenge every day to both provide and improve the best in customer service, quality products and professional installations. We do LOVE this stuff!  We think it shows.

“this may be the last place you want to work...

                               it is absolutely the ONLY place to take your ride”


Contact our team today to find out more about the Truck Guys staff and learn what we can do for your vehicle. We proudly serve drivers throughout Weymouth, Massachusetts and the surrounding Boston and South Shore areas.