Custom Truck Lighting in Weymouth, MA

Take your truck’s lighting features to the next level with help from Truck Guys. At our showroom, you can explore many different, stylish, and functional options for truck lighting, including emergency lighting selections. In addition to our truck lighting in Weymouth, MA, we carry a large number of custom truck accessories. Be sure to talk with our knowledgeable staff about your goals for your vehicle. We are more than happy to recommend products for your truck.

Contact our shop or plan a visit to inquire about our parts for truck modifications. While you are here, you will be able to see truck lighting options and detailed information in person. We proudly serve drivers throughout Weymouth, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for seasonal products or are interested in just seeing some of these parts in person, you can rest assured that the team at our business will be able to assist you.


Back Up Lighting

Do you ever feel like its too dark behind you when backing up? Wish you had extra light when working behind your vehicle like hooking up a trailer? A set of back up lights is exactly what you need. Wired into a 3-way switch you can have the lights automatically come on in reverse, or override on or off with the flip of a switch. These back up light kits come in both surface and flush mount options and all come with a diffused light pattern to help throw light in the appropriate manner.

Backup lights turned on
Small bumper backup light
Below Bumper Backup Lights
dual rear bumper mounter back up lights
Truck bed auxillary light
Front Bumper auxillary light

Auxiliary Lighting

Auxiliary lighting covers many different lighting opportunities. From tailgate light bars to bed lights, additional amber running lights and interior courtesy lights the possibilities are truly endless. Have an idea that isn't listed? Think it might be a little "outside the box?" Come down and visit one of our lighting specialists today to talk about your lighting ideas!

Off-Road Lighting

Off-road lighting is not legal for on road use (hence the name off-road.) These lights not only make the look of the vehicle but also allow you to light up the night in the middle of the trail or on the beach!

Shown to the right is Rigid Industries Radiance series lights. These lights incorporate a custom colored back light to help create the vehicle's look

Light bar mounted on bumper
Hood Mounted Light Bar
Amber Emergency Strobe Lighting
Above Plough Emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting also known as strobes serve many different purposes. Primarily used in emergency situations by first responders, strobe lights can also be used by individuals looking to make them selves stand out. Truck Guys offers a strobe light package as part of their snow plow package to help our customers be seen in the midst of a storm. We also have done many jobs on construction vehicles as well as volunteer first responders personal vehicles!

LED Upgrade

Want to upgrade your vehicle's existing headlight without changing the entire assembly? An LED upgrade is the right option for you. We only use the best, American made products that come standard with all the parts needed to properly install an LED headlight into today's vehicles like an anti-flicker harness and a vehicle can-bus decoder.

LED Light Kit
Metal LED  lights
Light bar and custom fog light installation
Blacked Out Headlights
Custom LED Headlights lit up
Custom LED Headlights not lit up

Aftermarket Assemblies

Changing out a vehicle's light assembly is a great way to completely change the vehicle's look. With many styles to choose from including "blackout" and even LED conversions changing a lighting assembly is a viable option to not only enhance your light output but change the look of your vehicle today!