Seasonal Products

Welcome to our new site! If you don't know, Truck Guys is committed to providing the best possible customer experience when it comes to purchasing quality truck, Jeep, van, and SUV parts and accessories, and the same goes for our new site. Unfortunately, we are not at a point to completely unveil our complete product offering online. We have put together a selection of products that are very common during this time of year. If you are looking for information on another product that is not listed please contact us! Keep in mind we install everything we sell and through formal quality management process, we strive to be the best when it comes to customer service and truck accessory installation. Our location features a 10-bay installation facility where our talented team works hard to ensure you are pleased with our services. We love cars and trucks – it shows in each service we provide. Visit us to learn more about our many amazing services.


Snow Dogg plow on a white chevrolet truck

Snow Dogg plow on a white Dodge truck

Snow Dogg plow  in action moving deep snow

Snow Dogg plow on a white GMC truck

Snow Plows

Your new vehicle and plow are a BIG investment and both very COMPLEX. We perform COMPLEX installations every day. The highest quality installation and service is equally as important as price. Potential vehicle damage, or breaking down in a storm due to poor installation makes it even more so. Anyone can sell a plow! Can they install it properly and support you after the purchase? WE DO!

Before you buy, please be aware:

  • We have been installing and servicing snow plows in high volume for 17 years, as an authorized SnowDogg installer for 9 years.
  • Truck Guys stocks most replacement parts.
  • You have a two year SnowDogg warranty, we are here for you during that period and we will continue to provide the highest quality support long after your warranty has expired.


Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting also known as strobes serve many different purposes. Primarily used in emergency situations by first responders, strobe lights can also be used by individuals looking to make them selves stand out. Truck Guys offers a strobe light package as part of their snow plow package to help our customers be seen in the midst of a storm. We also have done many jobs on construction vehicles as well as volunteer first responders personal vehicles!

Emergency Amber Strobe light
Black truck with Snow Dogg plow on the front and emergency plow lights

Before Spary in Bed Liner

After Spray in Bed Liner


Spray-in bed liners are the best form of protection for the truck bed. By completely encapsulating the bed, there is no way for water or debris to damage the bed. Where spray-in liners differ is with prep work, type, and quantity of material used. At Truck Guys any truck bed we spray goes through an extensive preparation process that creates the best environment for material adhesion. We spray a 60/40 polyurea/polyurethane high-pressure mix on our truck beds with an average of 4.5+ gallons being used on any truck bed!

With over 12,000 truck beds sprayed trust the team at Truck Guys to get the job done right!

Truck Caps

There are so many different types of truck caps to list! The Overland Series truck cap offers a tougher, more rugged look to complement today’s trucks. It’s unique two-toned off-road design features a spray-on protective coating which increases strength in high stress areas. The Z Series truck cap is engineered to provide the best fit and finish possible. The styling, frame less doors and windows, and attention to details make the Z-Series the perfect choice for any truck.

Get to work with an A.R.E. commercial aluminum cap. The rugged welded frame construction offers years of durable service, no matter what the weather or job. Each commercial aluminum models has weather-sealed doors with gas props, heavy-duty hinges, and BOLT One-Key technology locks to protect your valuables.

Prefer a tonneau cover? Visit our showroom today to interact with our display models before making your purchase!

Color matched red Ford truck cap
Utility truck cap for work trucks
Truck cap with roof racks for additional storage
Burgundy color matched Chevrolet truck cap